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Every individual is unique, with specialized accounting requirements. At Daisy Chu & Company Inc., we offer a comprehensive range of personalized tax services in Vancouver to help meet your unique financial goals. We recognize that navigating tax requirements and managing your finances can be challenging, especially with a busy schedule. However, our services make tax filing a seamless process. Our dedicated accountant is readily available to assist you and handle all the necessary details.


When you choose us, we adopt a proactive and hands-on approach to minimize your tax burdens and help you manage your finances. Apart from assisting individuals, we also work with small firms. 


With a solid background in tax planning, preparation, and compliance, Daisy Chu & Company Inc. has helped numerous individuals optimize their tax strategies and achieve their financial goals. Our tax services in Vancouver include:

Personal tax returns: Managing your personal taxes is more than just filing them. We can work on your financial goals and minimize your tax burdens. For instance, we can help you prepare for financial changes like buying a home.

Foreign assets and income report: The law in the country requires you to report your foreign assets and properties on your annual tax returns. Improper reporting can lead to various unnecessary fines. We can compile your report for you to meet your obligations.

Residency status: An individual's residency status also determines their tax obligations. We provide individualized tax services and will help you meet the relevant taxation requirements as per your residency status.

Estate planning: Taxation is essential for estate planning and transferring your assets. We can help preserve your wealth and minimize the tax burden on your beneficiaries with our tax services.

With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of tax matters, Daisy Chu & Company Inc. provides comprehensive tax services to individuals, ensuring they maximize their tax efficiency and remain compliant with all applicable tax laws. Please speak to us if you require a particular service but are still determining if we can help.


As an individual who has to file taxes, you might wonder whether you require an accountant for the job. While the internet might be abundant with resources claiming to help you file your taxes, the truth is that an accountant's personal experience and advice are unmatched. Managing your finances is more than just taxation; an accountant has the training and skills to provide suitable personalized answers for your needs- whether you're an individual who owns foreign assets or is expecting a change in your residency status. 

Even if you think your tax situation is uncomplicated, hiring a trusted accountant will reduce the stress associated with doing your taxes and minimize your tax burden. We offer personalized solutions according to your unique financial solutions to meet your personal goals.  

When you work with an accountant, you can be tax compliant while making the most out of the credits and benefits available. With the help of our tax services in Vancouver, you can prevent errors and meet your deadlines. Check out our news section to keep up with the latest.


Daisy Chu & Company Inc. would love to collaborate with you! Please call us to make an appointment or learn more about our services.



Stay on top of your personal finances with our tax services in Vancouver.

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